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Brooks & Dunn, for the Rest of Time

Posted by TRENT MOORMAN at 06:56 PM

Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge

We played with The Duke Spirit - english rock action delivery. Singer Liela, she = part Debbie Harry, Bjork, & Axl Rose. Real real good. Look out. They came over from England to tour with Snow Patrol, but the tour was cancelled. Apparently all the guys in Snow Patrol got sick. Before that, Duke Spirit had their gear stolen in Portland at The Doug Fir Lounge. They left their van in a secured parking garage one night and it got broken into. The attendant assured them it was safe. An inside job.

Photo:Marlon Schaeffer

And so The Duke Spirit fall into an all too long and growing list of bands who have had their gear ripped off – Film School, Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel, The Decemberists.

I guess the people who steal gear from bands don’t realize that when they die, John Bonham, Tupac Shakur, & Sid Vicious will be waiting to make them slide down a waterfall of greased razors into a pool of lemon juice. Then, Mama Cass will make them eat 20 chum covered Big Macs and get into a shark tank with a hammer head, where their legs will be eaten quickly. Then Kurt Cobain will lift them out by robotic arm and drop them into a gigantic toaster. And lastly, when they are pleading for death - sliced, eaten, and burnt, Jim Morrison will make them watch a bass fishing show for the rest of time, with music by Brooks & Dunn. Sisyphus had it easy.


The Duke Spirit played Coachella and The Carson Daly Show in a couple days, so all is not bad.

Trent - out.

Head Like a Kite



Brooks and Dunn, nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trent, your last 2 posts have had something to do with people losing legs. Poe got amputated and now the gear thief has a shark eating legs off. What gives? Maybe it has something to do with you being stuck in a van for 2 months and not being able to stretch your legs. Therefore the subconcious hints at legless existance. You know, you can get out of the van and stretch.


Yeah, that girl in Duke Spirit brings the rock. I like the punishment for the music gear thiefs. Apt.


I think Snow Patrol cancelled because they were afraid of going on after Liela night after night. Snow Patrol are pussies.


Big Macs are already gross enough, without the chum. GAH!!@#$%!


Trent, where do you come up with robotic arms and buckets of chum? Your creative acrobatics make me hot.


Trent, where do you come up with robotic arms and buckets of chum? Your creative acrobatics make me hot.


Trent - call me on your study break..........Binjer

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