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Viva le Vera!

Posted by MEGAN SELING at 11:35 AM

(Photo by Curt Doughty)

Yesterday Vera Project’s staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, supporters, and fans gathered at Vera’s new digs at the Seattle Center to officially begin the construction process on the venue. Sub Pop owner Jonathan Poneman and long-time Vera volunteer Jo Riedl did the honors, ceremoniously breaking the ground with the golden shovels while donning Vera-stickered hardhats.

More photos of the space are behind the jump.

Vera from the outside:


Vera on the inside:

(Photo by Curt Doughty)

(Photo by Curt Doughty)


They're going to expand it upwards, adding about 2,500 square-feet. In the upper left corner is where the stage will be, with a 300+ capacity for live shows. Behind it will be concessions (which will possibly include an espresso machine), and down at the bottom left is where the art gallery/lounge is going to go. On the right side, there will be a silkscreening room. When finished, there will also be a recording studio, meeting rooms and offices. It won't all be new, though. The booths from the old space (which were from the old Sit & Spin) are being brought back.

(Photo by Curt Doughty)

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