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Kooky Scientist at Oscillate

Posted by Dave Segal at 03:10 PM


Tonight at the Baltic Room Seattle has the rare pleasure of witnessing Boston techno producer Fred Giannelli (AKA the Kooky Scientist, Mazdaratti, Acid Didj, Deneuve, etc. etc.) play live. Unpopular Science, Kooky Scientist’s 1997 album on Richie Hawtin’s Plus8 label, introduced me and many other people to Giannelli’s skewed, hypnotic acid-techno productions. That album still packs a potent punch a decade after its release.

Besides this work of transcendental techno, Giannelli was a crucial member of Genesis P-Orridge’s Psychic TV in the late ’80s, and therefore was a catalyst in spreading the acid-house sound worldwide. Giannelli also composed part of the techno supergroup Spawn with Hawtin and Dan Bell (check out their awesome “Tension,” which is on NovaMute’s Probe Mission USA comp or perhaps floating in cyberspace). Dude also remixed Vapourspace’s legendary “Gravitational Arch of 10” and runs the Telepathic label. His appearance in Seattle is an unexpected treat, especially during these dismal early days of January.

Filling out the lineup are local heroes Nordic Soul and DJ Eddie, so quality techno is guaranteed all night. (Baltic Room, 1207 E Pine St, 10 pm, $7, 21+.)



i see segal is back. so... is bailey coy getting to work for the stranger now too?

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