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Mr. Morrissey Goes to Eurovision

Posted by KURT B. REIGHLEY at 11:41 AM

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While the Smiths may hit the spot, Eric, there’s no debating that Morrissey has made some odd career choices as a solo artist. But I’m delighted by the mere notion of this item floating around the BBC: “Morrissey in talks for Eurovision.”

Of course, dedicated Moz fans will recall that one of his idols, ’60s pop siren Sandie Shaw — with whom the Smiths collaborated in the ’80s — won the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest with the UK entry “Puppet on a String” (making Shaw the first-ever UK winner).

Factor in the rumors that the UK entry might be composed by Scissor Sisters or Ace of Base… oh, it’s all too delicious. And very, very gay. Even by Eurovision standards.

For those of you who have no idea what the Eurovision Song Contest is, please check out Elisabeth Vincentelli’s hilarious and passionate article, “Bulgarian Idol,” from the June/July 2006 issue of The Believer.



I half-heard some piece about this on NPR yesterday, which I included the imagined version of Morrissey's Eurovision entry:

Oh, Britain is dead and it's dying now
It's drunken and falling down
And broken its head, it's dead and bleeding
Stop feeding me lies, Britain!

I'll stab out my own eyes
We're smitten with money, wealth and fame
But lame like a horse that's been broken
Again and again

Our former colonies rise as we fall
India booms, Britain's profits appall
So let's end it all with tall bottles of poison
We deserve it
We deserve it
We deserve it, we deserve it, we deserve it
We deserve it
We deserve it
We deserve it, we deserve it, we deserve it


LOL! It's all funny, so gay and delicious too!


I am of the opinion that there is nothing more awesome and inexplicable than Eurovision. One of my favorite things this summer was showing Lordi and Silvia Night clips to unsuspecting co-workers. And now Morrissey might be involved? I don't know if I can even handle it.

Anyone know a way to catch Eurovision in the States?

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