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Saturday, January 27, 2007

This American Life Plays “My” Music

posted by on January 27 at 11:03 AM

Last time Ira Glass was in town I passed some “incidental” music on to him for use on his show, This American Life. I do it every couple of years to help Ira find/hear new music to use on the show that he might not be aware of. (Because I love the show, and I was getting sick of the same Philip Glass piece over and over….)

Last night as I was listening, I heard one of “my” tunes from the latest cd I’d given him, Art Van Damme - Just You, Just Me. (Link opens song up.)

I love knowing that music you think about, and pick out for someone else actually finds use in “their” world, even if incidental and in the background mix! That’s what it was really given to him for, great background music.

Don’t ask why, but I was excited enought to post about it!

I really can’t remember what else I put onthe disc, except for a track off the first album by The Knife, N.Y. Hotel, and a piece by Japancakes from their Belmondo album.

I also dared him to somehow find a way of using this song, Prahba Devi - Que Sera Sera, in one of his shows. If I hear it, I’ll let you know.

You can also, of course, hear the most recent episode at the website forThis American Life.

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