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Thursday, February 1, 2007

All the hottest boys are/were girls…

posted by on February 1 at 14:38 PM

Do you know my good friend ROCCO Kayiatos? “Kaaatastrophe”? The San Francisco hip hop phenom? “Let’s Fuck and Talk About My Problems”? Have you? Where the devil have you BEEN, sweetheart?

Well, he (formerly she) will be performing his singular style of SUPER TRANNY HIP HOP TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday) at the Wild Rose, and you simply mustn’t miss it. Rocco’s website explains Rocco a little better:

Kaaatastrophe (aka rocco kayiatos) is a genre-busting, emo-hop mc, whose stunning lyrical skills merge with beats that slide from slick to raw to solid to eccentric, creating a sonic otherworld that snags you in a dance-trance while teasing your head…


Plus, he’s massively hot (especially for a former she). Check it out:


For more pics, click here.

February 2nd, 10pm, at The Wild Rose. 1021 E. Pike St.

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