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Friday, February 2, 2007

Pea Soup and Frog Prostitution

posted by on February 2 at 15:25 PM


Seattle’s DJ Pretty Titty (aka Clayton Vomero) is currently out on tour with Vancouver BC’s DJ My!Gay!Husband! (pictured, on the right), terrorizing the West Coast’s finer eating, drinking, and dancing establishments. During their tour, I’ll be reposting bits of Vomero’s tour diary and pictures from his blog, Go Out And Kil Tonightl.

The story thus far:

We got a late start at around 7pm last night to drive straight through to San Francisco. Stopped a million times, braved the pea soup fog with tractor trailers zipping by, popped trucker speed, shotgunned sparks, waxed poetically about colonial frog prostituion, saw the snow, a five car smash ‘em up and listened to some insane canadian rave channel on sattelite radio. All to arrive; bright and early around 9am; well rested and ravenously hungry at the pristine, white tiled monument to fast food: In N’ Out Burger.

After we gorged oursleves, we checked in to our hotel room at The Phoenix, proceeded to pass the fuck out like fat disgusting hogs and are now watching a giraffe give birth on Animal Planet. Although this seems like a perfect moment of zen, we just sent Cam to the store to buy a case of Mickey’s Grenades and a fifth of Canadian Club. I have no idea what this will lead to other than Jason getting wasted, making out with fat chicks and screaming the word “rave” over and over again but I’m guessing that I will have some video footage by the time I wake up tomorrow that the big guy will beg me not to post. So check back again tomorrow and I promise party pics galore, creepy video footage, and maybe a paypal donate button for the bail fund. We play the Madrone Lounge tonight, come watch the exclusive dance moves we choreographed for At Large and hear me beat juggle “We’re Not Gonna Take It” until vomit comes out of my nose.

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Maybe, since he's on tour, Pretty Titty won't feel compelled to endlessly request my friendship on MySpace.

Dude, I don't know you. Leave me alone.

Posted by Paulus | February 2, 2007 9:16 PM

I will ALWAYS feel compelled to request your friendship on myspace, Paulus. I would never let thousands of miles come between me and my unquenchable thirst for friends.

Posted by Pretty Tiity | February 3, 2007 12:14 PM

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