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Friday, February 2, 2007

Tonight in Music

posted by on February 2 at 15:15 PM

(Crocodile) For years now, critics have touted Portland-based hip-pop band Menomena as the next big thing in indie rock. Well, it’s 2007 and Menomena are still one of stump town’s best-kept secrets. But after an amicable adieu to their erstwhile label FILMGuerrero, Menomena have settled in nicely with indie-heavyweight Barsuk records. And with the band’s label debut, Friend and Foe, receiving critical acclaim after only its first couple weeks on the shelves, this could easily be the year when all the cool hunters cash in big (Pitchfork gave it an almost pristine 8.5 rating). But don’t forget Menomena—they’re just three charming dudes who’ve been chugging along, keeping it real amid all the hype over the last few years. With a crafty, oddly lilting new record under their belt, Menomena may now be ready to take on the rest of the world. STEVEN SAWADA

(Ground Zero) Tomo Nakayama’s goose-bumps-inducing voice was what made the now-defunct Asahi so great. Their gentle song structures, bursting with both beauty and sadness, were always so carefully composed with lots of tender attention, but it was Nakayama’s voice that caused the shivers—delicate, sad, and gorgeous. Grand Hallway are the new project featuring Nakayama, and he’s joined by Erik Neumann, Bob Roberts, and Jeramy Koepping. Like Asahi, Grand Hallway are jaw-droppingly beautiful, but they’re also a bit more, er, grand—the compositions are sturdier, the melodies are even more sweeping, and Nakayama’s voice feels stronger and more present in the mix of well-crafted orchestras of piano and strings. It’s as though he’s embraced just how much talent he has and is no longer afraid of flaunting it. A few weeks ago we declared Grand Hallway one of the local bands to adore in 2007, and so far they’re making it really difficult, nay, impossible, to do anything but cherish their efforts. MEGAN SELING

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In that declaration about Grand Hallway being a band to watch in 2007, I, we, er The Stranger pointed out that Jeramy Koepping moved to L.A.

Megan, are you high?

Posted by matt garman | February 2, 2007 5:11 PM

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