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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Farewell, Fascinator!

posted by on March 25 at 11:29 AM

The end of an era? Perhaps. But definitely the end of the consistently funnest thing to do on a Sunday, barring, of course, going to church…naked, stoned, and spray-painting profanity on the walls.

I’m talking about Sunday Nights at Vito’s (AKA “Fascinator”). For (oh my!), going on two years I reckon, Fascinator at Vito’s has filled the gloomy and dank hours of Sunday night with dizzy joy—-or at least enough sexy-sexy people, compelling beats, and delicious liquor to resemble dizzy joy. Quirky performance art interludes, superstar DJs, very special (ed) guests, and awesome live bands peppered the night like precious rhinestones, and provided the best excuse to call in sick with “the flu” on Monday morning that God knows I’ve ever had…

But it’s all over now.

The popular night’s producers are calling it quits, and no glorious and boozy beast has yet risen to take its place, so tonight is your very last chance to snatch a piece of the magic that was Fascinator. I’ll be there. So come and say goodbye with me. We’ll cry just a little bit, together.

DJ’s Freakazoid, Sam Kirkland, Scratchmaster Joe and Travis Baron, presiding.

VITO’S, 9th and Madison. $5 at the door, but worth it. Things get going around 11 o’clock. Be there.


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