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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fly Away: DJ Mr Smith departs the Seattle Eagle

posted by on March 22 at 15:05 PM

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Sometimes it feels like any upstart with a little courage, a couple second-hand Loverboy LPs, and a mp3 of the latest MSTRKRFT remix can call him, her, or itself a DJ. And that’s fine. Competition is healthy. But there are some Seattle DJs who set the standards against which all contenders must be judged. DJ Mr Smith, hard-rockin’ Friday night resident at the Seattle Eagle, is one of them. And you have exactly two more weeks to hear him before he’s gone.

After 14 years - “and not a single concession to Kylie Minogue” - Smith will spin his final set at the popular Pike Street gay bar on Friday, March 30, from 10 PM to 2 AM. Smith isn’t leaving town, but wants to concentrate on other projects, one of which - the Seattle LGBT Community Center - will be the beneficiary of his farewell blowout, receiving a dollar for every Budweiser and Bud Light draft sold during Smith’s set.

Almost ten years ago, I wrote an editorial for another local rag about how attrocious the music in most gay bars is. Not long after, I befriended Mr. Smith, and realized that didn’t have to be the case. (Hell, he even helped me land my own gig at the Eagle eventually.) Nowadays, there are plenty of queer DJs all over the city who spin rock, ’70s funk, hip-hop and other non-cheesy sounds, but Smith is one of the originals. Enjoy him in his natural habitat while you still can.

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