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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last-Minute “Awesome” Show

posted by on March 28 at 15:44 PM

Way back in the day, before “Awesome” got all (provincially) famous and started playing rock clubs and fancy literary events and theaters like On the Boards, they did a series of intimate (but packed) shows in the long, dimly-lit theater in the Rendezvous that always, always makes me think I’m in a bordello.

(Even though it doesn’t look particularly bordello-ish. Did it used to be a bordello? Are the ghosts of cheerful turn-of-the-century prostitutes, gruff-but-sweet barmen, and a diminutive piano player named Mac floating around the place? I’d like to think so.)

Anyway, those old shows were greatósurprising, conspiratorial, like you were in on a secret. They’re still my favorite “Awesome” shows. Special guests with improbable-looking horns (big saxes, long trumpets) kept coming out from backstage. A tub of water was used as a percussion instrument, getting the tub-player soaking wet. The national anthems of other countries were sung. Lots of people wore suits. Some guy behind me kept barking load, hoarse yeah!s every time a song ended. And drinks, of course, were drunk. Those were good nights. They looked like this:


(The photo in the banjo was, I think, of Patrick Swayze.)

This Friday, March 30, “Awesome” returns to the haunted bordello known as the Rendezvous for one night. The 8 pm show is sold out. The 10:30 pm show is almost sold out. You can get a ticket here.

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The Jewelbox actually used to be a preview cinema, back during the silent film era at the beginning of the previous century, when movie studios had branch offices in cities where they would show their latest offerings to the local movie house bookers. The Jewelbox, and the Pathe building on 3rd Ave are about all that's left from Seattle's historic "film row".

Wikipedia has a nice article on the area:,_Seattle,_Washington

And that loud guy was probably Aaron Aleshouse - that sounds like his signature vocal response.

Posted by COMTE | March 28, 2007 4:09 PM

Yes, that's Patrick Swayze on the banjo. It's from Dirty Dancing. And on the back wall is a mathematical proof of the irrationality of PI. You can also see Kirk playing the typewriter in the back. And also Basil (aka The Baliff), the bass player, sitting there in a wife-beater doing nothing. Hm.

Posted by David | March 29, 2007 2:31 PM

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