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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sea Of Hands

posted by on March 26 at 11:55 AM

There’s a new website about the Northwest’s electronic music scene, called Sea of Hands. Here’s the press release from Scientific American:

okay, time for the big reveal…so let’s all welcome sea of hands so, ummm …suprise!!!! (thanks, seaver!)

sea of hands is a site that revolves (roughly) around the culture of underground/non-mainstream/generally underrepresented electronic music in the northwest (northwest as in the cascadian variety). the format will be pretty blog-standard; we’ve got a grip of contributors lined up to post about the stuff that interests them, and while the ability to start posts is limited to the initial contributors we strongly encourage anyone and everyone to sign up and join in the fun. we’ve been posting this and that for a month or so to get rolling…expect the contents of sea of hands to include: selected local events, the ubiquitous youtube fun, mixes and tracks, gear/software links, dj horror stories, rampant misspelling and poor grammar, show write-ups, ill planned and poorly written tirades against those we disagree with (so what’s the blog equivalent of drunk dialing, anyway?), reviews, remixes, etc. etc. the spec is pretty broad…

right off the bat, one thing we really want to do is build up the links section on the right side of the page. so if you do something that relates, please sign up and i’ll post a thread on the site that
y’all can comment to with yer links. i’ve been putting some up as they come to me, but i need help.

so here’s the primary list of contributors who may or may not beposting to the site…
matt carthum
jerry abstract
mr. piccolo
scientific american
fucking in the streets
kris moon
rachel shimp

i’m not usually the type of person that writes disclaimers but i have to get one in here: the contributors list is very loose and everyone is their own individual who may have more, less, or nothing to do with where things are at at this point…the idea was thought up by andy (scntfc) and ario, with helpful contributions from 2red (donte), design and internet infrastructure (implemented poorly, mind you…i’m not sure we can even embed mp3s yet) by scntfc, and the ball commenced rolling with julian (piccolo) and tim (dice.thrown) getting the post count going.

the ultimate goal of this is to raise the profile and awareness of our neck of the woods. as mr. segal summed it up in his farewell data breaker (we’ll miss you, dave!), seattle has become the berlin of the united states. now we just have to make sure everyone knows it. so please feel free to spread the word…

now click that link!

thanks, and wrd.

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