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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Give It Back

posted by on April 17 at 11:47 AM


Since talking to Tom Peloso for this week’s story about the two new guys in Modest Mouse who aren’t Johnny Marr, I’ve been digging back into the Hackensaw Boys’ catalog and loving their blue-collar bluegrass stomp.

I first saw the band at the High Sierra Music Fest down in Northern California several years ago and realized their kind of bluegrass is the kind I like. None of that Birkenstocked, ponytailed, weed-smoking Rocky Mountain newgrass—this is Appalachian-style, shitkicking, moonshine-swiggin’ goodness, traditional in instrumentation and punk-rock in energy. Peloso—known as Pee Paw Hackensaw—played fiddle with the band for their first three albums, and damn that shit’s infectious.

You can hear tracks from their albums on their website; I suggest “Gypsy Davy” from their album Give It Back to start.

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