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Friday, April 6, 2007

Sissy Boys and Fleshtones

posted by on April 6 at 14:56 PM

Last Night’s edition of Laguna Bitch, the hilariously named drag revue at the hilariously decorated Club Lagoon was the perfect warm-up for tonight’s Pho Bang at not-at-all-funny El Corazon. Portland’s Sissy Boys ruled the show last night, with a hard-to-follow but entertaining routine about an apocalyptic post-Iraq America or some shit. Or some shit!—one act squeezed frighteningly realistic fake feces all over his face for a climax. Another number turned Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” into an ode to bulimia (sample lyric: “I’m sipping ipecac/you anorexics don’t know how to act”)—hilarious!

That’s gonna be hard to top, but tonight’s Pho Bang, featuring Jackie Hell and Ursula Android (pictured above) might just do it. There’s going to be a musical number from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, a performance by the Coconut Coolouts, Ursula’s new Yoko-tastic band the Ononos, and the Seattle debut of Portland’s cosmic freak dance troupe, Fleshtone. Check out this video for Fleshtone’s “GFM” as remixed by Audiodregs bit-wizard Copy :

And here’s what Kelly O has to say about tonight’s shenanigans:

PHO BANG!, FLESHTONE, DJ BABY J, THE COCONUT COOLOUTS, URSULA & THE ONONOS (El Corazón, late) Aye carumba! The first Pho Bang! in almost TWO years! There’s that old saying that you can never get enough of a good thing. Bullshit—back when the Bang was every week, it WAS almost too much—I think I almost killed myself going each and every Thursday (Friday morning Bang-overs, yow!). The night was so freakishly out-of-control, so consistently and absolutely fun—the filthy fantastic drag, the live music, the drunken Baby J dance party at the end—truly unlike any other night this sleepy town has ever known. This edition promises to be especially koo-koo-crazy, because there’ll be filmmakers in the house—Ursula Android and Jackie Hell start filming a feature-length film next month, and tonight’s attendees can get on the list to be extras. Pho Bang! is a magical mess that only happens a couple times a year. Don’t miss this one. KELLY O

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