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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heavy-duty Psych

posted by on June 12 at 11:04 AM


Headsup on a kickass quadruple bill coming up Friday, July 20 at the Sunset:

Howlin Rain

Howlin Rain is from the greater Bay Area, made up of some of the Comets on Fire dudes and a guy from Sunburned Hand of the Man. They play a supremely jangly, chooglin’ brand of blues-rock, swaying and bumping, minus the metal/noize freakout of Comets. Never seen ‘em live but their record kicks ass.

Citay is a eight-or-so-member acousto-electric rock outfit from SF, comprising a bunch of Bay Area bands, including the Fucking Champs and Tussle. You like “Going to California”- and “Battle of Evermore”-style Led Zep, you’ll love these guys—all sprawling with flutes and female backing vox and strummy pastoral melodrama.

Whalebones is, of course, Seattle’s own psych-blues monsters, riff-mongers and axe-shredders of the most virile sort. I believe them to be the ring leaders of this heady free-for all.

Bison I’m not so familiar with, but their MySpace reveals them to be the hardest of the four bands on the bill, definitely metal-inflected and sludgy and loud as fuck in a good way.

The psych-rock-blues-boogie scene is alive and strong on the West Coast and tonight’s bill throws together some of the best. Yeah, it might be a throwback to Sabbath and Credence and the Dead, but done right it’s heavy and heaven-sent, relentless and unrepentant rock inspired by the masters. Bong rips and neck braces optional but recommended.

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I had a friend in Athens, GA who used to do bong rips. We called him 'Rip.' But it was more for rest in piece than the ripping action of his bong hits. He'd make it about 8 minutes stumbling around, then he'd pass out and someone would draw with Sharpie on his face. You know, something like 'Phantom' in reverse across his forehead so it would read normal when he looked in the mirror.

Posted by trent moorman | June 12, 2007 12:27 PM

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