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Monday, July 23, 2007

Bumbershoot Holds Two Contests (and you can win tons of sweet shit)

posted by on July 23 at 12:37 PM

I don’t know if any of you people are crafty up in this hiz, but there are two pretty sweet contests you can enter that will get you Gold Passes to Bumbershoot (Gold Passes are better than regular tickets because you don’t have to stand in some lines and you get drink tickets). I’ve conveniently offered up my ideas of what you could do. My ideas are guaranteed winners. For real.

Contest 1:
You make a craft that has the word “Bumbershoot” on it somewhere. You take a picture. You send it to them. You win.
My Ideas:
The world of crafting is so easily duped into thinking something is quality worksmanship, especially if they only see a picture. I say, you write the word Bumbershoot on an orange peel, and call it “God’s Gift to Crafts-the Color Orange.” GUARANTEED WIN

Contest 2:
You make a short video that has the theme “What is Bumbershoot” expressed in it somehow. You upload it to their YouTube Group. You win.
My Ideas:
Bumbershoot is about art, and music, and corn on a stick, right? So what if a guy is waiting in line to see a show, and a caricaturist comes up to him and draws his picture, and then that busker who stands on the Ave playing “Yellow Submarine” comes up to him and plays him “Yellow Submarine” and then someone drops a corn on a stick on the ground right near him and he wants to eat it but he doesn’t want to get out of line. A single tear negotiates its way down his bearded cheek. GUARANTEED WIN

Now go forth, my humble soldiers, and win these contests. I want to feel like the mother of a Beauty Pageant Winner!

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