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Saturday, July 28, 2007


posted by on July 28 at 16:41 PM


Kaz “PWRFL Power” Nomura kicked off CHBP Day two in his singular, inimitable style. The guy’s so damn lovable, and funny, and such a badass guitar player, that it’s impossible not to fall for his shtick. Highlights were “Cat Song,” “Tomato Song,” “Banana Song,” and my favorite, “Let Me Teach You How to Hold Chopsticks.” This one went

Let me teach you how to hold chopsticks
You’re so pretty
And you’re holding them wrong

The highlight was the finale—a song Nomura said he penned specifically for Block Party, sung from the perspective of a homeless person. He instructed the crowd on a little singalong bit, and then dove in with “Let’s do something bad today, like steal a glass from the new Cha Cha.” For the chorus, he spelled out “F. U. N. K.” and the crowd pumped fists and yelled “FUNK!” several times. Yes, a crowd of Cap Hill kids chanting for funk in the middle of an intersection—this truly is a miraculous festival.

After his set a fan came up to Nomura with a pair of black enamel chopsticks. “Will you teach me how to hold them right?” he asked. Nomura took the chopsticks and showed him. Both walked away happy.

The Cribs are pop-punking on the mainstage right now, but im heading out to check out our man Kurt Reighely spinning records at Havana. Music!

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