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Friday, July 27, 2007


posted by on July 27 at 19:04 PM


(Special thanks to the sun for the photo)

The Saturday Knights kicked off Capitol Hill Block Party (from here on out abbreviated to CHBP) ) (or BP if we’re especially lazy) exactly three hours ago. Just like at Sasquatch, the fellas took to their lead spot gracefully. There’s a reason why they go first: They are party starters. You can’t fight the feeling.

Granted, it was their usual set—we’re dying for new songs ova hea, doods. BUT beach balls and city streets made the right setting for their quasi-Beasties rap-rock shenanigans. AND for the final two songs of the set, Neumo’s honcho Jason Lajuenesse got behind a meager drum kit and pounded out some tight, punchy backbeats, going beat for beat with Spencer’s turntable-driven backdrop. Tilson must be sweating his ass off in a camel-colored wool suit and flaming orange wool hat, but hey, the duds match the shoes perfectly. “Meter’s running, girlfriend’s waiting, bank ain’t open yet”—we’ve all been there before, but it’s never felt funkier.

At the finale, Spencer spazzed out; he picked up a mic stand and smashed it through Lajuenesse’s bass drum. He flailed out and kicked over the high hat. Lajuenesse kept playing his snare and cockeyed ride cymbal, as long as he could til Spencer took down the rest of the kit with kicks and swings from the mic stand. Violence! It was an unexpected ending to an otherwise welcome but by-the-numbers set.

If TSK’s blitzkrieg finale set the tone for the rest of this fest, we’re all in great shape. It’s only three hours into it but I’m seriously feeling the Block Party vibe.

(For real: Right now the Blood Brother’s rape-porn noise rock is bleeding through the Stranger’s office windows. Fuckin’ unsettling. JZ out.)

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