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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Perhaps the Funniest Thing to Ever Run in The Stranger Ever?

posted by on July 26 at 12:36 PM


There’s a lot of great content in this week’s Capitol Hill Block Party pull-out (including blurbs on every band/artist/DJ playing, and interviews with the Blue Scholars and Against Me! and Girl Talk and the Saturday Knights), but the thing that has me ROFLMAO!!one!#% is the piece in which Kaz Nomura, the man behind PWRFL POWER, interviews himself.

KAZ: I feel very fortunate and honored to do an interview with you, PWRFL POWER. There is a rumor that you are already the last genius of the century. It’s not even 2010 yet!

PWRFL POWER: [Laughs] Stop flattering, Kazu.

I heard you have a huge crush on Tiny Vipers.

Who told you that!? Yes… I do. I had a dream about her a few days ago. We were in a bathroom and she said, “Kazu, don’t watch me pee.” So I looked at the wall and there was a mirror hung. I tried to see her in the mirror…

And then…

I woke up. I saw a girl sleeping right next to me. It was in NYC. I met the girl at some bar and she was a huge fan of Spoon. So I told her that I am playing with them in Seattle. That was quick. And that’s the night I started liking Spoon. They are awesome.

Read the whole hilarious thing by clicking here. PWRFL POWER plays the main stage Saturday afternoon at 2 pm.

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