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Friday, July 27, 2007

What to Expect From Ryan Adams Tonight

posted by on July 27 at 11:50 AM


Ryan Adams plays the Moore tonight; last night he was at Portland’s Aladdin Theater. Corey DuBrowa—who in this week’s paper took a deep look into the alt-country roustabout’s meandering career track and wondered which side of Adams would show up to play—was there.

He reports:

So here’s your answer, having seen last night’s show: 50% “Rescue Me Ryan,” 50% “Urban Deadhead.”

The between song banter was funny as hell (and the bass player had to get stitches in his head b/c of an “accident,” so there was lots of hilarity to be had there) but the Grateful Dead pastiche bored the hell out of me by the second hour.

The same ol’ Ryan: talent to burn but using it in service of Beavis/Butthead material.

Now you know.

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Ryan's last show in Seattle was the the first time I've ever walked out on a headliner. He was a fucking drunken mess throughout the show. Gone was the witty banter (including the hilarious Yoda doll on the piano the tour previous) and any semblance of talent or artistry. He botched more songs than I can remember and stumbled his way through the ones he could recall.

Cmpounding the whole debacle was the venue - I can get beyond the Moore being a dump in most respects because it's a "historic" venue and I like the size. Ticketbastard (and STG, the group who runs the venue) sold tickets in the "second" balcony - something I'd never even heard of in the fifteen years I've seen shows there. Think of five or six bare concrete risers waaaaaay the fuck up at the very, very back with a few random banquetroom chairs tossed up there.

It was a shitty show, with even shittier seats, and I hope for the sake of the folks who paid money to see the show tonight that he actually delivers. Good luck!

Posted by Philip | July 27, 2007 4:34 PM

yea i was kinda hoping he'd play his older hits like "summer of '69" and that one robin hood prince of thieves theme song.

Posted by brad | July 30, 2007 9:49 AM

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