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Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to Dubtech

posted by on August 31 at 12:50 PM

Just as I was about to surrender all to dubstep, and particularly to the mind of our moment, Burial, Deep Chord brought dubtech back into the picture:
042.jpg Deep Chord is based in Detroit and recently released Echospace: The Coldest Season, a set of deep dub dreams and visions of sunsets, mazes, shimmering architectures, and solar events. Deep Chord owes everything it makes to the greatest band of the 90s (if not the 20th century), Basic Channel. The dense atmospheres of hisses, the cold electronic flares and flashes, the track clatter of underground trains—this was Basic Channel’s music, the music of post-human machines.

Deep Chord’s Echospace has the basic elements of Basic Channel but its atmospheres are much denser, beats deeper, echoes richer, and electronic flashes and flares are warmer. As with Burial, the human is still in the machine of Deep Chord’s music. Their world is emotional: feelings of hurt, despair, longing, and love are expressed in the depths of the dub hiss. And we leave this marvelous world with a sense of hope and excitement. Deep Chord currently stands at the top of all that is the kingdom of dub.

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