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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Helio Sequence, Lifesavas, & Truckasaurus @ Nectar

posted by on August 7 at 16:39 PM

Nectar_080607_HelioSequence_0806.jpgHelio Sequence, shot from the balcony

“I live around the corner and I’ve never seen it so packed in here,” said one reveler to me at last night’s Nectar re-launch party. A line out the door and around the block was clear proof. The place was packed to capacity—some 500 or so people—with another 100 or so hoping to get in.


That line kept me waiting during Truckasaurus’ set, unfortunately, which I totally missed.


Between acts, Colin Johnson, Nectar’s new booker and the brains behind last night’s eclectic lineup, DJed a fun set of golden age hiphop, the perfect intro for funky prophets Lifesavas. Lifesava’s Vursatyl is both a master wordsmith and a master showman—with Jumbo as hype man, he took the spotlight and the lead on the mic. Stripped down of the fluffy blaxploitation background soundtrack they led in with, the last half of Lifesavas set was much stronger than the first, ending on a much stronger note than it began. When asked, the crowd—a mixed bag of hipsters, hippies, and hiphop heads—showed serious love for the PDX mainstays.

It was very cool hearing Vurs give props to Truckasaurus and Helio Sequence—certainly not Lifesavas’ usual stage-mates.

FITS played a brief between set directly afterwards. In the middle of the mostly non-plussed crowd, a tight throng of eight or so kids fully rocked out. Whether they were Cap Hill hardcores or just down with some loud, beat-mad tunes was unclear, but they were definitely having the most fun in the room.

Nectar_080607_HelioSequence_0869.jpgHelio Sequence

Helio Sequence stepped up and played some truly mesmerizing space-rock jams. Outfitted with an effects-laden guitar and digitally enhanced drum kit, they made far more noise than seems natural for a duo. They stretched out each number, but only in service of the song. Drummer Ben Weikel played with total abandon—his movements were animated, exaggerated beyond reality and a total joy to watch. Guitarist/vocalist Brandon Summers belted out with a powerful voice, his guitar leading the way through dense, fuzzed-out explorations.

Through each set, the sound in the club was crisp and heavy—no small feat in spanning several different genres, and DJs as well as bands. The bar scene downstairs was hectic, but outside the patio was nicely relaxed and cool. And the upstairs bar is brilliant: Cash only, sure, but no lines the entire night.

Last night—super-sold-out, sporting a diverse lineup of NW acts spanning the best in techno, hiphop, and rock—was a proper introduction to the new Nectar. Seattle is in for a huge treat. Just as some moves in the nightlife scene make the city smaller, blowing up Nectar will make it that much bigger.

All photos by Justin Renney

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hey big thanks to dj FITS for his set!!
it was crankin!
was that some Glass Candy and/or Ladytron
he was spinnin?
non-plussed indeed ;-)

Posted by robert | August 7, 2007 5:30 PM

Awesom. When is the Liifliotruk attacking the Sakatchewan-Quebek corridor?
Posting a a clip of that festival express scene would be interesteing, neo-wise. My impression when it came out was that Joplin and Garcia were dumb, and Danko's talk proved it, while hedging toward guilt himself. Am I remembering it dumbly, like most memories of the actuality?

Posted by Garrett | August 7, 2007 7:41 PM

La La la, off on my own surftrip.

Dear Erica,

Tried to call you yesterday
But you were at the monday club
Or a communist demonstration
Who cares
Youíre going somewere everyday
Vegetarians against the klan
Every woman against every man

One to one
Whatís wrong
Whatís wrong with one to one
Just once
Just me and you
ícause one to one is real
And you canít hide, just feel
That threeís a crowd

I agree with what you say
But I donít wanna wear a badge
I donít wanna wave a banner like you
Though I donít mind it if you do
Youíre beautiful when you get mad
Or is that a sexist observation

One to one
Whatís wrong
Whatís wrong with one to one
Just once
Just me and you
ícause one to one is real
And you canít hide, just feel
That threeís a crowd

Joe Jackson "I'm a gay Man" >my de-emphasis

-namelink: NSFWomynism

Posted by Garrett | August 7, 2007 9:35 PM

If only more places put on shows this diverse!

Posted by bunnypuncher | August 8, 2007 4:07 AM

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