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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tonight in Music

posted by on August 29 at 10:39 AM

Here’s what this week’s Up & Comings suggest you do tonight:


(Vera Project) Rhymesayers Entertainment’s secret weapon—scrappy young black punk singer-cum-MC P.O.S.—has never played a show here that’s not felt like it could be his last, so intense is his focus and urgency on the mic. Never faking it, not Partying Like A Rockstar, Pissed Off Stef makes Minneapolis emo-rap feel like a basement hardcore set—and his crowd plays the part to a T, slavishly rhyming along with every word, damn near slamming in the front. I’d encourage any skeptic to check the man live and direct—I’ve seen more than a few get caught up, fists pumping, as soon as he spits the first lines of Audition’s opener, “Half Cocked Concepts”: “First of all, fuck Bush, that’s all, that’s the end of it….” LARRY MIZELL JR.


(Photo: Amy Elyse)

(Crocodile) Acoustic duo the Femurs… “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Megan Seling, are you seriously writing about a fucking acoustic duo!? What is this, Woodstock? Get that Simon and Garfunkel wannabe bullshit outta here!” Wait, dude, the Femurs aren’t that kind of acoustic duo (and by the way, dickhead, Simon and Garfunkel rule). The Femurs play raucous pop punk via acoustic guitars. No songs about islands and rocks, no songs about broken hearts. “Not one song about a broken heart?” Okay, maybe there’s a song or two about broken hearts—it’s hard to say, but they come with kicky Screeching Weasel harmonies and choruses as catchy as the Ramones on a good day. “So they’re not crybabies?” No, they’re not crybabies, crybaby, they’re punk rock. “Acoustic punk rock!” That’s still punk rock, motherfucker. MEGAN SELING

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