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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Out Goes Alex Under, In Comes Claude VonStroke

posted by on September 13 at 13:24 PM


Just got a call a few minutes ago informing me that tomorrow’s scheduled Broken Disco headliner, Spain’s Alex Under, has cancelled. After all the hype over Alex Under’s live performance (and listening to a recording from last year’s Mutek), I was pretty stoked to see him, but these things happen.

But don’t fret, the tireless Broken Disco promoters have filled in that slot with another favorite, San Francisco’s Claude VonStroke. I just saw him play last weekend in San Francisco, and I’m still jazzed to see him again. He played some tracks from his new label, Mothership, that completely kill (so Detroit-y!), so consider tomorrow’s set to be a preview of the label showcase he’ll be doing next week at the Decibel Festival.

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