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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cosmic: The Original 1979-1984

posted by on October 17 at 14:34 PM


I finally received a copy of Daniele Baldelli’s Mix CD Cosmic: The Original 1979-1984 yesterday. I’ll just get my judgment of it out of the way here at the beginning: It’s totally brilliant and you should get it.

It consists of two CDs, one of all the tracks unmixed, and one of all the tracks mixed in a traditional DJ mix style.

But this mix is so not traditional. Take these two tracks from the first cd:

New Music - While You Want
Culture Club - Murder Rap Trap

The first is a spry little energetic new wave track lots of little synth wooshes and plucky little lines filled in with a British accented vocal track. The next is a rare b-side by Culture Club. A slow dubby reggae track with some Jamaican style rap by Capt. Crucial. Echo-y and very dubbed out.

But listening to them in the mix CD is revelatory. Here are the first four tracks of CD 2.

Craig Leon - Rings With Three Concentric Circles
New Music - While You Want
Secession - Touch
Culture Club - Murder Rap Trap

New Music is slowed down considerably and made a bit ominous and sinister. The synth wooshes make it feel spacey now, and the vocal track is slow and fucked up. The Culture Club track is sped up and Capt. Crucial sounds like a little child. More like dancehall now.

It’s this kind of crazy mixing that has made Baldelli a cult figure for so long now. The man was doing this, alone, thirty years ago and was daring enough to take it out and play it at his euro-discoteque.

What must those patrons have thought? Were they force feeding them pot brownies and ludes at the door?

Whatever it was, this CD just confirms why Baldelli is such a hero to all DJs. His contributions to the art form can’t go unnoticed anymore. The man is genius.

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With all of your latest Baldelli posts that you've done, you have definitely turned me onto this guy. This stuff is great!

Posted by TJ | October 18, 2007 9:59 AM

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