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Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Note From the Blood Brothers

posted by on November 8 at 11:14 AM

Dear Friends,

After 10 years of making music as The Blood Brothers, we have made the collective decision that our time together has come to an end. We feel extremely fortunate to have spent such a deeply memorable and amazing part of our lives with each other. At this point, however, we feel it’s best that our futures move forward on separate paths. We’d like to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude to all the bands we’ve played with, individuals who have helped us make our records, and fans who have come to our shows and picked up our music throughout the years. Your friendship, support and love hold such a profoundly special place in each of our hearts. We hope that the memories you attach to our music are as fond as those you have given us. Thank you and take care, we’ll miss all of you.

The Blood Brothers

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I'm disappointed. I think Blood Brothers were Seattle's best band. I don't know if they got all the recognition they deserved due to the fact that their sound could be hard and uncompromising. It totally worked for me, but I loved Ministry, Revolting Cocks, the Fall etc. Anyway, massive talent that may gain in following as the years pass.

Posted by left coast | November 8, 2007 1:41 PM

My number one favorite band ever. I Do Remember Us, and I thank you for it guys.

Long Live the Blood Brothers.

Posted by Brody Berg | November 8, 2007 1:55 PM

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Posted by Biggie J | November 8, 2007 3:49 PM

Yeah, grab it off its hinges and smash Biggie J of the head with it. The big puss.

Posted by left coast | November 8, 2007 4:05 PM

see ya later assholes! stupid primadonna garbage. oh wow the worst band this town has had is breaking up. well, not those skinny rich kids can focus on their fashion lines. biggie j- right you are! left coast- listen to better music!

Posted by poopie pants brats | November 8, 2007 4:14 PM

Oh, #5, everybody knows that fat, poor people make terrible music.

The Blood Brothers were brilliant. They will be missed.

Posted by Eric Grandy | November 8, 2007 4:39 PM

Let me re phrase that previous comment. Sorry for your loss. Seattle and rock n roll will never be the same.
Oh and Eric Grandy is an awesome dj.
Hey Left Coast, let's become last fm buddies.

Posted by biggie j guitar player for amplified rock outfit SSS | November 8, 2007 6:09 PM

You probably are just looking for in to kick my butt, but thx. When I master the benefits of lastfm over myspace music, we're buds.

SSS are from Liverpool, and sound a lot like Metalica so I'm confused altogether there. I was kind of excited thinking that I was going to get to meet those CSS girls for a second so that's disappointing. If you're buddies with "Russia with Love" over at last fm though, please see if she'll come to Seattle and be my 'au pair' - meeeow and Chaz would certainly concur.

Posted by left coast | November 8, 2007 7:14 PM

It's a shame that they're not playing a farewell show. The MCD and Botch blowouts were a blast. I would've made sure I saw them at the Block Party had I known it'd be the last time.

Posted by Matt | November 8, 2007 7:39 PM

God damn, they were great. Listened to 'March On Electric Children' the whole time I was writing the first draft of 'Cthulhu' (we wanted to use 'The Shame' for the end credits, don't know why but we couldn't). First show I took a certain friend to when he got out of prison, at the Roseland in Portland, to prove punk was still alive. That cronky, glammy, spastic sound will remain the sound of my fondest and most broken hopes. One of my exes swore I just liked them because they were "cute". They weren't. But they played some of the smartest music to come out of the Northwest, out of America for that matter, in the last decade. I don't know yet if their stuff is classic, but it's genius. I'd be sadder if I weren't sure that the bands that grow out of BB will be as fascinating, and certainly more famous. If my nephews weren't asleep I'd blast them right now.

Posted by Grant Cogswell | November 8, 2007 11:41 PM

Even though I knew this was coming, it still sucks to hear it from the band. I've had their catalog on repeat since they posted this yesterday.

First Gatsbys, now these guys...if Minus The Bear breaks up, I won't have reason to live anymore.

Posted by T | November 9, 2007 10:14 AM

Every time I thought I was getting tired of the Blood Brothers they would completely reinvent their sound for the next album. Seeing them play the Eastside teen centers while I was in high school are some of my fondest adolescent memories. They have been one of my favorite bands since I started appreciating music. Here's to hoping their next projects are equally ambitious.

Posted by Jeff Kirby | November 9, 2007 12:42 PM

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