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Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Back? No, GetBack!

posted by on November 5 at 11:01 AM

North Cackalack’s favorite sons Little Brother, fresh off the release of their third album Getback, were good enough to wreck Chop Suey Saturday night. The show was hotly anticipated, with some of Seatown’s favorites-DJ Topspin, The Physics, Grynch and Dyme Def (a perfect lineup to compliment LB IMO)- opening up. A sold out crowd eagerly awaited a good-ass time, and gotdammit, they got it.

It was my first time seeing The Physics onstage- and MC Thig Natural came out in full control with all hands in the air as he launched into a dope collection of joints off of their well-recieved Future Talk album. Thig’s indeed very Natural, easy flow and witty punchlines came off live with a fiery, hype delivery and energetic stage demeanor perfect for the LB crowd. DJ/Producer JustD’Amato kept the bouncy yet laidback cuts coming, and smoke-voiced CD-reppin’ MC Yirim Seck even came up to do a ridiculous solo cut- look out for that guy.

Grynch is as unassuming a rapper as you’re going to meet, and when he nonchalantly hits the stage, it always surprises me when seconds later the beat drops and the beast comes out.

(forgive the shitty sound)
Everything I’ve been hearing from My Second Wind, his (duh) second LP, sounds absolutely veteran- no wonder this short, bespectacled white kid from Ballard instantly became one of the town’s favorites right off the bat. He even rocked an ill down-the-line cut with 2 more of the best from the 6, GMK and Macklemore.

What can I say about Dyme Def that I haven’t before? They killed it. Three seriously charismatic, dope, stylish MC’s- with no weak link to be found- and one of the town’s illest producers backing them up? Check it:
When they hit the stage, it’s a wrap- and their super energetic set just set the stage for…The Away Team?

Shoulda seen that coming- The Away Team are down with Hall Of Justus, the Carolina crew that is spearheaded by Little Brother. MC Sean Boog (joined tonite by Joe Scudda) and DJ/producer Khrysis have the same kind of classic sound and vibe as their crewmates but without much of the charisma that endeared so many to LB. Doesn’t “Away Team” mean ‘expendable’ anyway? My concentration now wandering, I noticed that it was hot as a bitch in there, with the mirrors on the walls steamed the hell up and water/condensed other people’s sweat dripping from the AC above. The enthusiastic, very racially diverse crowd (i mention that because it’s kind of a rarity) of heads stood on couches on the back, whole squads of cats repping the “GetBack Army”, wearing the black LB tshirt with the EPMD-inspired logo. It is tres smart of Little Brother to hype up their album the way they have, asking fans to send in flicks of themselves wearing the tshirt- but damn, you’re still the guy at the show in the band shirt, bro.

That said, I have to say- Little Brother always delivers one of the best shows in the business. Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte play off each other so well, and engage the crowd with more wit and soul than you’re gonna get from any independent- or even major- rap act out, period. When the two MC’s, aided by their go-to crooner Darien Brockington, broke into an acapella upper-room gospel breakdown, it struck even my heathen ass as a lot more than the average between song ‘freestyle’. Then again, they got those too, and Phonte killed it on some Black Thought shit:

But it’s that soulful, R&B meets classic hiphop vibe that is their hook, their ‘chamber’ as the RZA would have said- and they ripped shit DOWN, fluidly flowing from side to side of the stage, busting choreagraphed dance moves like the Pips, and keeping shit fun like few do or can. The rendition of brand new cuts from Getback were recieved to thunderous approval and fans who knew every damn word. Classics from The Listening and The Minstrel Show got heads including myself going no less than ape shit. Check the boys doing Minstrel’s Sunday-morning crisp “Say It Again”:

Phontigallo and Pooh kept the hits kept coming for what seemed like an hour plus, an impressive feat for an athletic rap show; at the end of the show Pooh wrung a grip of sweat out of his shirt, a testament to the work they put into their presentation- and the stifling heat a packed club full of their fans could generate.

It’s so beautiful, so fabulous
So exclusive, so extravagant
We money makin’ (show stoppin’ emcees)
Neva fakin’, keep on!

(All video courtesy of Sarah Walczyk)

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Holy show review! Nice. Love the video action

Posted by KELLY O | November 5, 2007 12:10 PM

lol @ everyone being too intimidated of your awesome post to comment on it

Posted by ndrwmtsn | November 5, 2007 7:56 PM

black man's struggle. looked like you had a good time @ that show mtsn

Posted by lar | November 6, 2007 9:51 AM

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