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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tonight in Music

posted by on November 6 at 9:41 AM


Jens Lekman, Throw Me the Statue, Viktor Sj÷berg
(Nectar) Jens Lekman can fly. Not like Superman or R. KellyŚmore like a new character on Heroes discovering his abilities. When the Swedish dreamboat launches into a song like “You Are the Light” (from his debut, When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog), or the new “And I Remember Every Kiss,” and his vibrant, kitchen-sink orchestrations kick in, joy audibly surges in his humble voiceŚlike he jumped out a 10th-story window, only to be lifted over the city by an updraft. Even when hopelessly earthbound, squirming his way through posing as the boyfriend of a lesbian chum for her family (“A Postcard to Nina”), there’s a spring in his step. A huge chasm divides melancholy from bittersweet, but Lekman sails over it time and again, always touching down lightly on the latter before ascending once more. KURT B. REIGHLEY

And Eric Grandy profiled openers Throw Me the Statue and their label Baskerville Hill a couple weeks ago:

Indeed, Throw Me the Statue’s live show is wildly energetic. Live drums, electric guitars, and four-part harmonies replace Reitherman’s multitracking, and the able, athletic band switch instruments, add extra percussion, and throw in melodica and glockenspiel with an abandon grounded by serious musicianship.

Lekman is also playing an in-store at Easy Street’s Queen Anne location at 6 pm.

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