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Thursday, December 27, 2007

LITA at Year’s End

posted by on December 27 at 12:15 PM


Light in the Attic has posted a hunormous year-end confabulation on their website. Included are lists from local luminaries like the Saturday Knights, Mr. Hill, Scott Reitherman of Throw Me the Statue, and Nabil Ayers of Sonic Boom, as well as out-of-towners like Peanut Butter Wolf, Robert Christgau, DJ Nobody, and a whole shit-ton more. It’s a fun rundown that delves into far more than music.

The Blakes’ is especially insightful/hilarious:

Bob Husak, Drums

Top 5 of 2007

5. Mormon Tabernacle Choir records for 50 cents at Goodwill.
4. A can of potted meat product as a reminder of the hardships of tours past.
3. Comiserating with Grandma about the scandalous styles of dress worn by young women today and sympathizing with the inability of those her age to find respectable clothing for themselves.
2. Pronouncing the word “fish” as “feesh” in mock tribute to generations past (as in, “don’t forget to warsh your hands before you eat your feesh”).
1. Any opening band that cancels a show because their drummer threw out his back going for an especially difficult fill in practice. Also, any sound guy that goes home early from a show because he twisted his ankle going for an unorthodox mic placement.

Garnet Keim,
Vocals, Guitar

5 things you take for granted on a winter tour:

1 showers
2 conversation
3 reptiles
4 feeling in your toes
5 summer tours

Snow Keim,
Vocals, Bass

top 5 “pains in the ass”

5. hollywood writers strike
4. scabies
3. conflicts of interest
2. Lame (ass) Promoters
1. meeting the outrageous demands of record executive Matt Sullivan

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