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Friday, December 28, 2007

Tonight in Music

posted by on December 28 at 11:21 AM


There’s some good shit going down tonight:



Vera Project Benefit: BlöödHag, Helms Alee, We Lit the Fuse, Same-Sex Dictator
(Comet) I’m sure I’ve said this before, and I probably will again and again, but it’s always the most fun helping Seattle’s awesome all-ages stronghold the Vera Project when there’s drinks involved. You get the smug self-righteousness of a philanthropist and the inflated sense of invulnerability of an alcoholic. It’s a dangerous combination. Booze! And for a good cause! Anyway, if you get too hopped up on do-goodery and spirits, BlöödHag will slap some sense back into you with their patented barrage of science-fiction pulp and thrash-metal brutalism. Openers Same Sex Dictator and We Lit the Fuse will not slap sense into you; they will abet your bad behavior with growling metal sludge and antisocial hardcore. Helms Alee, whatever your state, are worth paying attention to—their dynamic, thoughtful opuses mix shoegazing subtlety and stoner metal amp worship with great success. ERIC GRANDY

Also: Ian Moore, Pwrfl Power, and the Beltholes at Jules Maes.


Snowman Plan

And Snowman Plan at the Rendezvous with the Friendly Skies and Ever Changing Sky (is “sky” the new “horse”?)

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Sky is actually the post-rock horse. Also, Passenger Pigeon will be playing between bands at the Rendezvous. It will be fun.

Posted by Levislade | December 28, 2007 12:24 PM

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