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Monday, December 10, 2007

Tonight in Music

posted by on December 10 at 11:16 AM


A Wilhelm Scream, the Flatliners, the Damage Done, Rough Chukar, Down We Go
(Studio Seven) Yeah, I thought A Wilhelm Scream was another one of those terribly named bands with the shitty haircuts, too! I thought they were like, BFF with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Escape the Fate and I thought I was going to listen to them and hate it and then tell you about how much it sucked. I was wrong. The New Bedford band are more volatile than those otherwise uninteresting bands I had lumped them in with, far more tolerable, too. And while they’re not the most innovative group of musicians in the word—they obviously take cues from Hot Water Music and Propagandhi—they’re a pretty alright harmonizing hardcore act with some blistering metal licks. And they’re a better option if you wanna be a good big brother and take your little brother to a rock show. You could do worse. I mean, you probably don’t want these dudes to be Lil Brudder’s most favoritest band in the universe, but A Wilhelm Scream can at least be a decent accessible gateway into a darker sound. MEGAN SELING

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