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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Re: Sleepy Eyes of Death, the Long Ranger @ Showbox Sodo

posted by on January 19 at 13:40 PM

Dammit, Jeff, you beat me! Jeff took the words right out of my mouth: last night’s Sleepy Eyes show was great.


Like him, I’ve liked Sleepy Eyes of Death for awhile—I like the songs they posted on their Bands Page, like their record Street Lights for a Ribcage—but until last night, I had never seen the band live, so it was hard for me to really, really like them.

Turns out, they’re fantastic live. More so than I imagined them to be, even, with live drumming and guitar pairing up with their extensive keyboard/moog/synth set-up.

With these videos I took, the sound is as good as sound can be with a little point and shoot digital (read: not that good), but more than hearing the music (which is clearly just too big for the camera’s mic), you can get a good idea of what the band does with smoke machines and a crazy light set up to intensify their performances.

The band blew a fuse three times during their 40 minute set, but they recovered quickly. They also apparently set off the fire alarm at Vera the last time they played there. Sleepy Eyes of Death are dangerously electric. They’re very un-green. But I will see them again, even if it means a baby seal has to die every time I do.

The Long Ranger opened the show and while I only caught the last three songs, I liked what I heard and saw, despite the fact I’m not usually into electro-rock ballads.


The floor was empty while they played, most people paid attention from the seats in the back, but for their last song, the band took the show from the stage to the dance floor. Even the stubborn dudes standing at the bar started moving for a few minutes.


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