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Friday, January 18, 2008

Tonight in Music

posted by on January 18 at 12:05 PM


The Pack and Pittsburgh Slim (pictured above) are at Chop Suey. From this week’s My Philosophy:

Yeah, the Pack—remember them? Those plucky young dread-shakers from the Bay who turf-danced all over ‘05 in their Vans? Oh yeah hey, “they look like sneakers,” but they feel like a pump! Or something. Opening up for this show is… Pittsburgh Slim. YO, WHO THE FUCK IS PITTSBURGH SLIM? My strictly scientific preliminary research (MySpace) indicates he’s… I dunno, like some kind of club-ready frat-boy version of Slug from Atmosphere. Like a less hardcore, glam-free TRL-ed up Mickey Avalon. Like if your little sister thought Travis from Gym Class Heroes was too gangsta.

From The Score:

What’s a jazz group without a piano? Led by saxophonist Dick Valentine, this pianoless quartet is lithe, limber, and sonically translucent. Flutist Fraser Havens adds sunny counterpoint and angular, but not obtuse, solos. With Ken Strong (bass) and Bradley Papineau (drums). Egan’s Ballard Jam House, 1707 NW Market Street, 789-1621, 7 pm, $5.

Aaaaaaaaaand from this week’s U&Cs:

Sing Sing: Spank Rock DJs Devlin and Darko
(War Room) When Spank Rock’s Chris Devlin (aka Rockswell) and Ronnie Darko rolled through town for last year’s Capitol Hill Block Party, they played to a sold-out (though not quite Girl Talk–riot sold-out) Neumo’s. Since then, they’ve shared stages with everyone from Björk to Ghostface and rocked continents from South America to Australia. Sing Sing, though, is like a home away from home for the duo, where they’ll be flanked by DJ Pretty Titty, who might’ve been Seattle’s earliest proponent of all things Spank, and turntable wiz-kid Fourcolorzack, whose resemblance to Diplo, both in appearance and party-rocking finesse, is uncanny. Mr. Titty promises not only “rampant ass shaking, air-horn blowing, [and] stage diving,” but also, somewhat troublingly, “the occasional Parrot Bay and Mountain Dew.” Watch out. ERIC GRANDY


Plaid, Truckasauras, Nordic Soul, DJ Introcut
(Nectar) Warp Records mainstays Andrew Turner and Ed Handley have been producing forward-thinking techno for over 15 years, both as Plaid and with the highly influential if not as well-known trio the Black Dog. Their Plaid productions tend toward fey, ambient instrumentals, while their older Black Dog work includes some dance-floor-busying beats. Truckasauras seem like an odd choice for an opener—these guys make dumb, beer-swilling, backyard-wrestling techno, right? But their steel-crushing chiptunes are surprisingly deep and melodic—intelligent, if not exactly IDM. Plus, they share Plaid’s fondness for multimedia performance (Plaid’s latest release, Greedy Baby, is a DVD with animator and longtime collaborator Bob Jaroc; Truckasauras have VHS jockey Dan Bordon). Opener Nordic Soul mixes minute sonic details and finely tuned synths with steady, pulsing rhythms for a sound as satisfying on the dance floor as it is for the wallflowers. Killing Frenzy provides the live visuals. ERIC GRANDY

And finally, Citay is at the Sunset. From this week’s preview by Jonathan Zwickel:


Let’s get stupidly, nerdily reductivist. Here’s why you will love Citay: Citay = Led Zeppelin’s “Battle of Evermore” + Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” + Pink Floyd’s “Fearless.” Yes, using mathematical formulas to describe music is hackneyed as fuck. Yes, boiling down a band as dynamic as Citay to three base influences is demeaning. The thing is, the phrase “prog-folk-metal” will put off just about anyone, and Citay—a prog-folk-metal nine piece from San Francisco—deserve as broad an audience as possible. Just about anyone can understand an elementary equation. And in this case, the equation is dead-on.

And I, personally, am stoked to see Sleepy Eyes of Death tonight at Showbox SODO. Not familiar? Click here to listen to their electronic heart attack “Eyes Spliced Open” via their Stranger’s Bands Page. Then you’ll be convinced.

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there's wayyy too much tonight. plaid is my runner-up pick to devlin/darko who are my runner-up pick to the cool kids at uw.

Posted by cosby | January 18, 2008 12:45 PM

That Pittsburgh Slim picture makes me want to join Al-Qaeda. If not for the stupid religion attached to it, I swear that pic would be the straw that put me on the camel's back.

Posted by Douche Alert | January 19, 2008 8:08 AM

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Posted by Jessica | January 29, 2008 7:49 AM

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Posted by Rebecca98 | January 29, 2008 9:26 PM

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