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Monday, February 18, 2008

Chris Walla on Hillary Clinton

posted by on February 18 at 10:53 AM

Explaining to MTV why he’s supporting Obama:

It’s been sad for me, but I’ve had a real problem being able to get behind Senator Clinton in any real way, particularly over the last couple months. Six months ago, I would’ve told you I would’ve been thrilled to cast my vote for her, but the way her campaign has unfolded is so wrong to me. The mailers that have gone out in a couple of the primaries calling into question Obama’s record on choice are particularly phony, and for her to try to attack him over that is counterproductive for politics; it’s counterproductive to the cause. In policy terms, she’s an excellent leader, but I feel that the way she’s playing this game is so old, and the rulebook she’s drawing from is so outdated, that it isn’t translating to me, it’s alienating to me.

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