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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleepy Eyes of Death

posted by on February 27 at 16:44 PM


This year’s list of Young Ones is impressive—Talbot Tagora, the Physics, Throw Me the Statue—and I’m really looking forward to the showcase on March 6th, where you’ll have the chance to see almost all the Young Ones play together under two very close roofs (half the show is at Neumo’s, the other half down the street at Sole Repair).

You won’t want to miss Sleepy Eyes of Death’s set.

Photo by Jeff Kirby

The band crafts dynamic instrumentals with guitar, drums, synthesizers and keyboards, and their songs are energetic fits of dance beats and rock rhythms often swelling to dramatic climaxes. But knowing that the live show is as much about their sonic output as it is a visual experience, the young men in Sleep Eyes turn off all the lights, turn on the smoke machines, and proceed to rock the fuck out through a thick cloud of constant smoke lit up with flashing red, yellow, and blue lights.

It is a fantastic way to experience such a cinematic sound (and the band tells me there have more visual surprises in store for the March 6th show).

Watch Sleepy Eyes of Death:

Listen to Sleepy Eyes of Death:

Eyes Spliced Open

Be sure to pick up the March 6th issue of The Stranger to read more about the band. Then see them play the Young Ones showcase on Thursday, March 6th with Talbot Tagora, the Physics, the Moondoggies, Truckasauras, Throw Me the Statue, and headliners Arthur & Yu and Dyme Def.

Sleepy Eyes will go around 8 pm on the Neumo’s stage, and $5 will get you into both Neumo’s and Sole Repair. All proceeds go to benefit Real Change.

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