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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tonight in Music

posted by on February 20 at 11:10 AM


MEN, Hey Willpower
(Nectar Lounge) MEN is the new project from Johanna Fateman and JD Samson of beloved but defunct electro riot act Le Tigre. They bill themselves as “producers and remixers and DJs,” and their MySpace page features some mashed-up demos that splice Missy Elliot, CSS, Soulwax, Kelly Clarkson, Lil Jon, and more (they list their genres as “club/crunk/big beat”). San Francisco’s Hey Willpower is the electro-pop/R&B alias of Imperial Teen’s Will Schwarz and Tussle’s Tomo Yasuda. Their songs range from frivolous, disposable goofs to genuinely sexy dance-floor come-ons to the elated pop grace of early single “Hundredaire.” Live, Schwarz’s considerable charisma is aided by waifish boy/girl backup dancers. This might be the gayest dance party Fremont has seen in a long-ass time. It should be a blast. ERIC GRANDY


Also tonight, Saigon at Neumo’s. Larry Mizell wrote about him in this week’s My Philosophy:

These days, we need somebody like Saigon. In an age when Fat Joe can’t seem to hop off DJ Khaled’s speedboat, when hiphop’s love, money, and inspiration are all in dangerously short supply—shit, when there’s actually kids debating Soulja Boy vs. GZA—an outspoken and combustible NYC traditionalist refusing to budge from hiphop’s bleeding edge like it’s a pissy Bed-Stuy stoop is particularly heartening.

When I first heard Warning Shots, 2004’s retail-ready “Best of” collection of Saigon’s by then prodigious mixtape output, I was most struck by how gangsta his gangster was. 50 Cent, who just two years prior was in the same spot, was already oiling up for the ladies, LL-style. Someone like Sai, not long out of prison for attempted murder, was in a perfect position to out-thug the big dogs. But instead of doing photo shoots in bullet-proof vests, Saigon gave some infamously ill interviews, denouncing artists like Snoop and Game for glorifying gangbanging.

And, as you probably know, Grand Archives are playing two shows at the Triple Door tonight. They are, I’ve been told, sold out. Read Brad Steinbacher’s interview with Mat Brooks here. Watch a couple videos from last night’s Sonic Boom in-store here.

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