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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tonight in Music

posted by on February 21 at 11:12 AM


TacocaT, the Suspicions, Reverse Dotty, the Hungry Pines
(Comet) A parable about TacocaT: A friend of mine and I were backstage at a recent show. TacocaT, on stage, launched into a song. As the rough punk rhythm and muffled vocal/guitar wail seeped through the walls, my friend said, “Oh, this is my favorite TacocaT song!” “This?” I asked him. “This is a Bikini Kill song.” “Really?” he asked, looking genuinely surprised. “Yeah, this is their cover of ‘Carnival’ by Bikini Kill.” “Oh.” ERIC GRANDY


Shat, Lesbian, BlöödHag, Get Down Syndrome
(Funhouse) It’s confusing, right? Four DUDES calling themselves “Lesbian,” playing really heavy, sludgy metal with an album titled Power Whore. Oops, make that Power Hör. What-the-F are they trying to say? You know, I DON’T KNOW. What I do know is that their sound is an awesomely confusing super-mix of black metal and prog, with a dash of Krautrock and sludge-doom thrown in—an entirely genre-defying new brand of psychedelic, almost hypnotic metal that stoners and nerds alike can bang to. Think Neurosis in bed with Pelican. Or Venom making out with Boris. Or High on Fire going out to dinner with Isis. You get the picture. Hey, I wonder if the Les’bros know that the Wildrose has live music now. Now THAT would be some genre defiance. KELLY O


Sia, Har Mar Superstar
(Showbox at the Market) Admittedly, I had no idea who Sia was when I wrote a post about her on Line Out a month or so ago. To me, she was just a cute blond lady drawing on her face with Crayola markers on the cover of her new solo disc, Some People Have Real Problems, on which she sings songs that are childlike, playful, and catchy, but unremarkable. Then I learned, via Line Out’s unforgiving commenters, that she was one of the vocalists for Zero7 (her work with them was, apparently, “incredible”) and one of her songs appeared “in a pivotal moment” on the final episode of Six Feet Under. She’s from Australia, and she’s been around forever—experimenting with triphop, acid jazz, and adult contemporary—and OMG, you guys, I’m sorry I didn’t know. Her record is out on the Starbucks label, and all her history doesn’t change the fact that it’s unremarkable. MEGAN SELING

And from The Score:

BUDDY CATLETT This fine bassist has gigged with just about everybody, most notably Count Basie and Frank Sinatra. Here, Catlett anchors a quintet stocked with fellow Seattle jazz legends Clarence Acox (drums), Hadley Caliman (saxophone), Bob Hammer (piano), and Julian Priester (trombone). Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Ave, 684-7171, noon—1 pm, free.

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I think your imagery for Lesbian may be a bit off here... Neurosis in bed with Pelican: that would sound like nine hairy dudes grunting, people fallingout of bed, and the slick, goopy sound of Astroglide. Venom making out with Boris equates to slurping sounds and also makes me wonder who are more repressed with PDA's: the British or the Japanese? High on Fire going out to dinner with Isis would go something like this, "man... we just smoked a ton of weed, good thing we decided to go to the salad bar at the Sizzler! Hey Aaron, that imitation crab still has fish in it you sell out!". and then they all had frozen yogurt.

basically these comparisons sound pretty boring, and if you want an apt description of Lesbian's sound, well Megan, you hit the nail on the head, because Lesbian are pretty boring.

Posted by "Lee" | February 21, 2008 4:43 PM

I didn't write it, "Lee." Kelly O did. And I happen to think it's a funny write-up.

Posted by Megan Seling | February 21, 2008 5:15 PM

But did they call it "frogurt?"

Posted by Eric Grandy | February 21, 2008 5:27 PM


Posted by Megan Seling | February 21, 2008 5:44 PM

Funny write up or not, Lee is right. Lesbian are really boring. And I LIKE stoner metal!

Posted by bunnypuncher | February 21, 2008 7:37 PM

megan, that little sia preview was one of the best things i've seen in quite some time on here. cracked me up and very well put.

Posted by traeden | February 21, 2008 10:07 PM

sorry, Megan. I realised this when I looked atthe print version. yeah, the comparisons are funny, but they're funnier when they fulfill my purpose on calling Lesbian out on being not terribly interesting to anyone not baked out of their gourd.

Posted by "Lee" | February 22, 2008 1:18 PM

I'm sort of annoyed at the fact that Sia decided to sell her album through Starbucks.... but nevertheless, she is absolutely amazing. I saw her perform with zero 7 2 years at bumbershoot and it's still the best show i've seen to date (and dear god have i seen a lot of shows)

Posted by Paula | February 22, 2008 4:35 PM

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