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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I Dislike Most Musical Comedy.

posted by on February 28 at 14:51 PM

I just spent five minutes on hold, on the phone, with a certain theater in a certain city trying to get tickets for my beloved to see a big old fashioned Broadway Show. (Please, when you say those last two words make Jazz Hands and say it in a stage whisper.)

While on hold, I started to hear two women bantering. I couldn’t quite make any sense out of what they were saying. I knew what I was listening to came from a Broadway Show (please feel free to follow the above instructions again), but I didn’t know which.

I eventually figured out it was from the show, Wicked.

It was totally annoying. How much sing-talking the characters had to do to get to the “song”. A full minute until the words “Defying Gravity” were sung. Then this, I dunno, power ballade started. Holy fucking douche nozzle. That felt like the longest five minutes of my life.

It sounded like they had to really stretch to get the song to fit into the musical. It was so generic sounding and, well, boring.

This is the kind of song and exposition I HATE in musicals.

Will I ever get that five minutes back?

Will you?

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like Sleater-Kinney said, you're not the only one:

Posted by Kermit the Frog | February 28, 2008 3:22 PM

i like the MUSIC in many musicals but the stories so often suck...with the case of Wicked, it's the opposite; good story with horrid music.

Revenge Tip for Terry: start growing a moustouche the week of the show to torment Dan...

Posted by michael strangeways | February 29, 2008 2:47 PM

Nobody likes the sing-talking they do to get to the song. In opera it's called recitative, and, again, nobody likes it. I think it's just there so the whole thing can be set to music.

Also, yeah, the stories blow in opera, too, where they often cohere as much well as the last two-thirds of a porno. Nobody cares about the story (unless you're Wagner or a Wagner-ite).

Posted by KEN | March 2, 2008 7:32 PM

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