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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Darkness Into Light

posted by on March 4 at 12:22 PM

New remixes of Johan Agebjörn and Sally Shapiro’s “Spacer Woman From Mars” from the Lobe compilation Milky Disco are out now, and the new mix by Elitechnique is stuning!

Turning darkness into light, Elitechnique take the original dark-italo track and breath fresh clubby air under it’s wings.

Hear it for yourself at Radio No. 1.

Then purchase the whole single, including Agebjörn’s “Megaman II Remix” and a Rude 66 remix of “Spacer Woman…”

Also…check out the new video for Sally’s single “Jackie Jackie”.

I can’t help but think about that young gay kid who was recently murdered in California when I see this. It’s so sad. A boy (I know, it’s probably a girl, but it LOOKS like a boy to me) alone in his bedroom, listening to records like Cyndi Lauper and Sally Shapiro, singing to himself, trying on a mop head to make a blonde wig with his pink wrist-band on, his mother feeling seperated from him….

“Why do I always end up in situations that are bad for me? And how come I don’t fall in love with normal people?

I don’t think you’re that strange. Do you think I’m strange?
It’s just… that things always get so complicated.”

And the video ends with this loud gunshot sound and the boy lying on his bed, still, not moving, as disco ball lights dance around the room.

Sorry, I’m all emotional now.

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