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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leslie and the Ly’s & Team Gina at Neumo’s

posted by on March 12 at 13:58 PM

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t get a single person to go to The Leslie & the Ly’s show with me last night. I guess I couldn’t blame them, considering I had my doubts as well as to how fun the show would actually be.

I arrived at Neumo’s right in time for rap duo, Team Gina’s set. Self proclaimed fans of the costume change, Gina Bling and Gina Genius tore through a quick set of glittery getups and provocative rap songs about becoming best friends, being lesbians, the 1980’s, and a topic foreign to me, called “deez nutz”. While too many bands these days beat a set into the ground by playing too long, Team G. kept it the perfect length at short and sweet.

After they were done, DJ Colby B got behind the tables, producing a pretty exciting soundtrack for some scantily clad go-go boys to flaunt their goodies to on stage. Never in my life have I seen someone shove dollar bills down someone else’s hot shorts at an all ages show, but I feel like the world would be better with more of it.

Leslie Hall is a legitimate freak. She is what would happen if an evangelist, Weird Al Yankovic, and a grumpy librarian were all combined to create a portly pop diva wearing ill fitting spandex. Despite some technical difficulties early on with her headset microphone, Leslie controlled the crowd with her presence from the get go. While she sang aerobic inspired pop songs about zombies and golden sweaters, she waddled, guffawed, and air humped herself around the stage like a woman possessed. While the music was all right, if not kind of repetitive, it was in-between songs that Leslie was at her best. Her “sketches”, including an on stage sweater initiation ceremony involving crowd participation, could easily be converted into one of those children’s shows where adults “get” the jokes, like Pee Wee’s Playhouse. That being said, I don’t remember any of those shows being more than a half hour long and well before she came out for her encore, I was well and ready to take a break from Leslie and get back outside to the real world.

Photo by Terry Dean

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