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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Talbot Tagora and The Flexx at Healthy Times Fun Club

posted by on March 1 at 21:30 PM

Last night’s Pharmacy CD release show at Healthy Times Fun Club felt like a grandiose event, as opposed to a small concert held in a grungy warehouse space. Because of the popularity of the bands and high attendance projection, the Fun Clubbers used paper tickets for entry to the show in hopes of keeping things from overflowing. I hadn’t been to a Pharmacy show in a long time, but easily recognized the throng of loving high schoolers who flock to all of their shows. Local wunderkind, Ben Funkhouser and his posse were there, and dressed to the nines. He wore the anticipation on his face from ear to ear as he told me about how the show was like a holiday for him. He told me about how he’d been at the last two Pharmacy release shows, and would most definitely be at their next. Every time I see that kid I wish a little bit of his enthusiasm would rub off of him and jump in to me.

Anyways, it wasn’t too long after I got there that The Flexx took to starting their mess of a set. If there’s one thing you can say about these dudes, it’s that they always give it their all. Last night was no different. While they may have been at a disadvantage, being the first band to play a show always sucks, they still managed to get some kids moving that seemed to be holding back some energy for the ape shit storm that would inevitably be The Pharmacy’s set.

Next up was Talbot Tagora. Chris Ando and Mark Greshowak have been making music together for quite some time. Through name and line-up changes over the years, I think they have founded something special with what they’re doing now, because they are a band that is very hard to pin-point their specific sound. Nothing about their songs is straight forward as they spiral in and out of hypnotizing guitar drone and explosive rock out sessions. Just when you start to get comfortable in your seat, they rip you out of it and spit on your face. My friends, last night the saliva was flying! The band craftily built the intensity of their set, bringing it to a peak with drummer Ani Ricci’s rolling intro to the song “Morning Secrets”. Between Ando repeating “I was wondering, where you’re going”, the guitars buzzing all over each other, and calm and collected Ricci, who glides over her drumset, rather than pounding on it, the song definitely stood out from the rest. Talbot Tagora get better every time I see them. Coming from a band that’s comprised of kids in their late teens and early twenties, I’d say that’s pretty telling about the big things that might be in store for them. If you’re going to The Stranger’s Young Ones (which should have been all ages) you should consider their set a must see.

Okay, okay. So I didn’t get to stay for the rest of the show. I missed The Pleaureboaters. I missed The Pharmacy. But! I did buy “Choose Yr Own Adventure”, their new album, and on first glance, it looks beautiful! The art, the record, everything, it’s awesome looking. I’ll have to listen to it a little bit more, and get back to you, but what I’ve listened to is so far, so good. Just having listened to it once through, I would suggest a song that I can see being in video games or movies someday, “Little Toys On A Shelf”. If you were there last night, do you have any cool stories or memories to share about the later sets of the night? Did you get punched in the face? Chip a tooth on a microphone? God, I wish I could have stayed!

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To sum up: Half-naked underage boys, audience and stage merging together, cell phones being kicked around,sweaty teenagers crowd-surfing on less than 30 hands, hanging projector shelf being yanked from the ceiling (thanks, asshole), and Ben Funk on vocals.
Needless to say, I think Pharm-Fans left satisfied. Pleasureboaters emulate cool. They reek of cool.
Poor HTFC, bless their always-all-ages hearts.

Posted by Isabel Arcelia | March 6, 2008 12:01 AM

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