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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tonight in Music: Bisc1, Metermaids, and Domer at the Sunset

posted by on March 5 at 12:58 PM


Larry Mizell’s got a suggestion for you in this week’s My Philosophy:

I’m loving how the Sunset, formerly a pretty rock-centric stronghold, has been doing some dope hiphop shows. NYC avant-gardians Bisc1, Metermaids, and Domer are making a pit stop in the kingdom of Ballard for their Traveling Circuits tourópeep ‘em at the ‘Set on Wednesday, March 5. I know Bisc is down with the Def Jukie crew, so you can probably extrapolate what that sounds like, and Metermaids and Domer both bring a cerebral indie-rock vibe and electronic crunch to their hiphop; shockingly, for the most part the shit sounds pretty damn good. In particular, Domer’s tuneful, half-poppy style sounds pretty good on a sunny day like today.

Also happening:

*Line Out’s own TJ Gorton and Terry Miller are spinning at Havana
*Tilly & the Wall play with Ships at Chop Suey
*Comeback Kid play El Corazon with Shook Ones and Crime in Stereo
*”Awesome” (who you can hear on Setlist) are at Nectar with Tally Hall

And if you hate music and want to stay home and watch TV, Eric Grandy, Amy Kate, Dan Savage, and myself will be liveblogging the Project Runway finale at 10 pm. Christian’s probably gonna win, but if Rami does I’m going to smash my TV.

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