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Monday, March 24, 2008

Tonight in Music: Black Horse, Justice, Diplo

posted by on March 24 at 10:55 AM


Justice, Diplo, Fancy
(Showbox Sodo) Don’t call it a backlash, ‘cause it’s not like that. Diplo’s great—a restless remixer, a clever producer, and a mind-blowing, party-rocking DJ (when he starts scratching classic music videos on those DVD turntables, your stoned dome will explode). And Justice are just as good at what they do—plowing heavy-metal synth riffs into stomping drum-machine beats and dressing up disco/funk samples with digital distortion to make insanely catchy club pop. Fancy, a bratty French glam garage band (and not the dude from Fannypack), are a toss up. It’s just… the MySpace Music Tour? At the Showbox Sodo? No matter how much you like these guys, do you really want to go see them with 2,000 of your douchiest MySpace “friends”? No, you don’t. ERIC GRANDY
Black Horse, Supernaughty
(Comet) You remember, back in the day, when badass music didn’t necessarily mean diddling, ridiculous shit like DragonForce and Rhapsody of Fire? Black Horse have that kind of 1990s pre–power metal dirty-rock vibe. Their songs have choruses of “fuck yeah!” built into them, and it’s shouted with the energy of someone who really believes in the power of a good cathartic “fuck yeah!” Black Horse’s guitar riffs are crunchy, postglam blues-fed headbanging monsters, but this is no retro act: The interplay between April Goettle and AP Schroder’s lead vocals, combined with the drum machine that makes up the third corner of the trio, makes the band feel like a sort of rock-and-roll Le Tigre: part irony, part sincerity, all motherfucking hook. PAUL CONSTANT

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