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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tonight in Music: Kaki King, Boredoms, Mad Professor, Hadley Caliman, Jason Collett

posted by on March 21 at 10:58 AM

Hadley Caliman, Joe Locke, Tom Marriott
Once nicknamed “little Dex,” this friend and disciple of Dexter Gordon still sounds robust and lyrical at the age of 77. Caliman and his tenor saxophone were superb at the Ballard Jazz Walk last November, smoldering his way through Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage” with trumpeter Thomas Marriott. Here, he joins forces with Marriott and kickass vibraphonist Joe Locke to celebrate the release of his new disc, Gratitude (Origin). Reservations recommended. Tula’s, 2214 Second Ave, 443-4221, 8:30 pm, $20. CHRIS DELAURENTI
Mad Professor, DJ Kid Hops, Everyday Prophets
(Nectar) After the Scientist, the third and last dub master of the Jamaican period (1970 to 1982), there is Mad Professor. He and Adrian Sherwood inaugurate the British period of dub’s 40-year history. Mad Professor has produced an entire dub universe that has its core in roots reggae but also contains numerous encounters with hiphop, soul, punk, lovers rock, and triphop. Indeed, his most famous work on this side of the Atlantic is his remix of Massive Attack’s second album, Protection. His version is called No Protection, and like all great dubs, it outdoes the original. Mad Professor launched the ordinary beauty of Massive Attack’s album into a vast sky that it exploded with fancy lights and falling stars. Get this record; watch this show. CHARLES MUDEDE
Jason Collett, Burning Rivers, Great American
(Sunset) Andrew Whiteman has Apostle of Hustle; Kheaven Brereton performs hiphop as k-os; Leslie Feist is, well, Feist. Almost everyone in Broken Social Scene has a solo project and Jason Collett is no exception. He recently released his new album, Here’s to Being Here, on Arts & Crafts. Collett’s songs walk the line between singer/songwriter, folk, and joyful rock. Think Wilco with some Tom Petty flourishes. Catchy choruses invite you to sing along, guitars beg you to move, and the drumming fights to keep you smiling, even through lyrically bittersweet tunes like “Out of Time,” and “Sorry Lori.” MEGAN SELING
Kaki King, Matt Sheehy
(Tractor) There are a lot of reasons you might be wary of Kaki King—the NYU student busking, the major-label deal with Sony (now expired), the session work with Northern State and Tegan and Sara, the glowing endorsements from Dave Grohl, the occasional precious song titles such as “Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers” or “Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be a Bad Person?” But you would be wrong, and you would be doing yourself a grave disservice. King is, as Grohl attests, a “really fucking good” guitar player, and her songs, whether vocal or instrumental, are indisputably well-crafted. Her new album, Dreaming of Revenge, emphasizes the catchy vocals but it’s not without its pretty instrumental passages. ERIC GRANDY

And finally, the Boredoms are here!

From this week’s preview, written by Sam Mickens:

However, despite this potentially stagnant modus operandi, Boredoms’ career arc has been defined by a journeying, visionary creative evolution. If the “boredom” expressed by the group’s earliest endeavors could be classified as the boredom of adolescence and of disaffected and disenfranchised members of contemporary society, then the music they have been developing since around the time of 1998’s seminal Super Ae has been occupied with a much grander and more ego-crushing brand of “boredom”—that of the natural world and its endlessly patient expanses.

Read the whole thing here.

And we also have this video. Says Trent Moorman, who took it, “Boredoms drummer, Senju Muneomi (a.k.a PARA) played two solo sets at Shibuya O-Nest in Tokyo on 11/15. We chatted and he showed me the effects he runs his kit through. It sounds liquid. I love it when it’s liquid. We all need triggers on our hi-hat.”

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AWESOME! will be there tonite

Posted by ndrwmtn | March 21, 2008 12:10 PM

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