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Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekly Recommendation

posted by on March 21 at 11:48 AM

DJ Raahan - Edits Vol. 1 12” (KAT Records)
This week there was alot of great new records to choose from including Big Bear Records new 12” edit record entitled, Eebay City from Lexx, Tirk’s new release from Chaz Jankel, as well as great new records from Diskjokke, Putsch ‘79, and Wild Rumpus. However, if I have to choose just one record to highlight, I’m going with the new KAT Records released disco re-edit 12” from DJ Raahan. This re-edit label has already given us some amazing re-edit 12” from some of today’s hottest disco producers including Danny Krivit. Greg Wilson, and Sasso. Here we have Chicago’s disco master, DJ Raahan, bringing some heat with his edits of La Pamplemousse’s “You Can Get Off On The Muzik”, Bent Boys’ “Walk the night”, Two Tons of Fun’s “Make Someone Feel Happy”, and my personal favorite, Eddie Kendricks’ 1976 classic Thanks For The Memories. Overall, this is another great re-edit 12”, and a must have for disco lovers. Chalk up another great release from the crew over at KAT!

DJ Raahan - Memories (Sample Clip)
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