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Friday, April 18, 2008

About That War on Emo in Mexico…

posted by on April 18 at 17:27 PM

It’s still a problem.

MTV recently went to Mexico to report on the growing conflict.

More than a month has passed since a mob of angry teens attacked three emo kids in the central Mexican city of Querétaro, setting off a wave of anti-emo (and, some say, homophobic) violence that spread from the capital of Mexico City to the border towns of Tijuana and Juarez.

And in that time, the man who many blame for instigating the mobs — a popular television host named Kristoff, who had previously mocked emo kids and compared them to “prepubescent 15-year-old girls” who lead a “stupid and idiotic” lifestyle — has taken to the airwaves to publicly denounce the violence, calling the attackers “imbeciles” and hosting on-air forums aimed at healing the divide.

Last week, MTV News traveled to Mexico City to speak to those on both sides of that divide: the emo kids who say they’re still being targeted by mobs and metal acts who are more than willing to keep the violence going. We also sat down with Kristoff himself, who, not surprisingly, claims that the entire situation was blown out of proportion by the international media, and that since the four incidents in early March, the attacks have all but stopped.

Read the whole story (and watch video interviews) here.

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