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Saturday, April 5, 2008


posted by on April 5 at 17:37 PM

Throwed (usually pronounced thode) is Houston slang that means, among other things- tight, cool, partytime excellent! That would best describe last night’s Bun B x Framework x D.Black show at Neumos. Throwed also means drunk, gone, slizzard- that would best describe me at last night’s Bun B x Framework x D.Black show at Neumos.

After some beverages at Moe Bar with Sportn’ Life Records Co-CEO Devon Manier, I shuffled next door to catch The Life’s marquee act, D.Black. Black is growing out a bit of a beard, which made everybody remark that he looks a lot like Philadelphia MC Freeway. D with his hypeman Spaceman(of SnL’s Kingzmen) and DJ Nphared, tore it down authoritatively. The crowd, more club-goers than show heads, weren’t as responsive as Black would have liked, so he took a minute to talk to the people. The people listened, and livened up in turn, especially for the “Posse On Broadway”-inspired cut “The 808”, off of his upcoming Life & Legacy digital-only EP. The crowd was freakin’ loving it.

After a short break, Vitamin D took to the turntables and Framework hit the stage. Frame, while having released what is generally acknowledged as a local classic with 2005’s Hello World, has performed in Seattle maybe, oh, three times(that i know of)- he was on a hiatus for a bit due to some ah, legal issues, and has been pretty scarce since he’s been out. So he’s not exactly a polished performer(even though his copious diamond accoutrements looked very polished), and didn’t sound totally comfortable for the first couple of songs. Hitting his stride, he did a phenomenal cover of Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents”, and a song denouncing President Bush- interesting, just because so many detractors of local “conscious” rap deride their anti-Bush posturing; yet here was a very hood-tested, mother approved “street-hop” artist doing the very same thing. “Rainier Valley!” Frame proclaimed at one point. His last song had a hook that said “That’s It”- and he meant it, cuz when that song ended, that was it- he dipped. (That means he left the stage quickly.)

By this point Neumos was on sardine-status, having a grand ol’ time, and was full of heads you hardly ever see at Cap Hill hiphop shows. That is to say, it was hella niggas up in there. That would explain the SPD walkin around- this also meant Bun(who forgot his ID) couldn’t even drink in the green room (there were minors in his party). That sucks. I know I was drinking. I realized at some point that it was fitting I wore my Black Flag shirt- Bun B loves him some Flag too!

Bun B finally took the stage, along with 14 other motherfuckers- now, with a lesser rapper this is a recipe for the kind of stereotypical live rap experience we’ve all come to loathe. But Bun B is a fuckin’ king- specifically an Underground King, as in the Port Arthur, TX legends UGK. Bun, the consummate pro, cut right through and commanded the stage like he was up there alone. He performed a high-energy(I’m not saying crunk) medley of solo songs and his verses from classic UGK cuts like “One Day” off of the essential Ridin’ Dirty LP. The crowd had it’s hands in the air like, the whole time. As much as the “element” in the club last night is portrayed as trouble, the only guy I saw get ejected for fighting was the corniest of Auburn-looking white dudes in a Steve Largent jersey. Bun noted the fight, then got all attention back on him like a true pro. Even the dude getting thrown out threw his hands in the air, with a smile on his face.

The crowd went particularly nuts for Bun’s last number- Pimp C’s verse from “International Players Anthem”. Pimp was the other half of UGK, a beloved father figure in Dirty South hiphop- and due to a tragic mix of promethezine-laced cough syrup and sleep apnea- passed away last year; all this after seemingly just getting out of jail and recording Underground Kings, the first album from the feloniously-underappreciated UGK to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts. As he left, the crowd chanted “UGK!”, and the whole room , including Bun, expressed their love for our lost King. Goodnight, sweet Pimp.

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[quote]it was hella niggas up in there[/quote]

Posted by zxcbzcb | April 6, 2008 12:07 AM

I know right? Hella? What's up with the
Bay area slang, Relly?

Posted by Pimptation | April 6, 2008 9:15 AM

slizzard?! I heart this super-review...

Posted by KELLY O | April 6, 2008 4:32 PM

"A high-energy (Iím not saying crunk) medley" .

I like that.

LAR up in that.

Posted by trent moorman | April 7, 2008 10:41 AM

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