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Monday, April 28, 2008

Tonight in Music: Blood on the Wall, Coconut Coolouts, Chinese, Elephant Kisses

posted by on April 28 at 10:45 AM

coconutbanana.jpgCoconut Coolouts photo by Jason Fisher

Blood on the Wall, Coconut Coolouts, Eat Skull
(Chop Suey) Despite the band’s affable sound, Coconut Coolouts are really like the James Brown of Seattle rock musicótheir name seems to pop up everywhere, and all the freakin’ time. It’s well deserved, then, that they get to share a bill with equally committed fuzz-rockers Blood on the Wall, whose new album, Liferz, is yet another slab of perfectly paired male-female vocals, driving guitar, lumbering bass, and no-bullshit, no-frills drumming. Both bands have a knack for mixing jaunty guitar riffs with just the right bass lines. Expect a fair amount of beer to get spilled all over Chop Suey’s floor at this one. GRANT BRISSEY

Listen to Coconut Coolouts:
“Chocolate Money”

Listen to Blood on the Wall:
“Sorry Sorry Sarah”

D Numbers - “Short Trip (Live)”
Chinese, Elephant Kiss?, D Numbers, Centaur Hearts
(Funhouse) Centaur Hearts have one track posted up on their social networking site of choice, and it sounds like it was recorded inside a tin can inside a cat butt inside a cave during an earthquake using a toy microphone. Still, there’s an undeniable full-speed-ahead charge buried somewhere in all that poorly compressed fuzz, and the fact that they consist of two-thirds of Teeth and Hair (but seem to have dropped that band’s yelping shrieks) isn’t a bad sign. D Numbers are an instrumental electro-acoustic trio from Santa Fe whose jams might aim for Battles’ crypto-smurf rock but land somewhere a little more safely jazzy. Elephant Kiss? do bedroom geek raps about unicorns and bicycles to giddily glitchy electro noise. Chinese are a fast-driving guitar and drum duo. Should be a perfectly weird show. ERIC GRANDY

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