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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tonight in Music: Excepter, the Raconteurs, New Bloods

posted by on April 21 at 11:36 AM


New Bloods, Flexions, Future Phones, Purple Rhinestone Eagle
(Monsterssori House) New Bloods’ The Secret Life, out last week on Kill Rock Stars, is a wildly promising debut. The Portland trio—Cassia Gammill on bass, Osa Atoe on violin, and Adee Roberson on drums, all sharing vocal duties—draw inspiration from groups like the Raincoats or the Slits, pairing creeping, melancholy violin with dark, basement-rattling bass and drum punk funk. The vocals range from tuneful multipart harmonies to jagged yelps to calm spoken word, often overlapping. At 11 songs and just 23 minutes, their debut is urgent and haunted, pulse quickening and corners turning abruptly, grooves breaking and starting again. Great, evil stuff. Seattle dub punk duo Flexions should loosen things up nicely as openers. ERIC GRANDY

Listen to New Bloods:
“Oh Deadly Nightshade”

Excepter, Walrus Machine, Jeffrey Tayloer
(Rendezvous) As someone who typically views hot, hip bands from New York City with a bit of skepticism, it took me a while to admit that Excepter is actually pretty good. Their new album, Debt Dept. (Paw Tracks), recalls Wolf Eyes’ prime from several years back with its fuzzed-out synths, cracked electronics, and tossed-off vocals. There are moments when their blasé demeanor comes across as forced (and a bit irritating), but there’s also something compelling about much of this music, including the zombie-techno throb of “Kill People” and the doom-laden repetition of “Entrance.” WILL YORK

Excepter - “Sunrise”

The Raconteurs, Birds of Avalon
(Neumo’s) Mr. White or not, I pity the Racounteurs for having to follow Birds of Avalon. Anyone that’s seen BoA, or Paul and Cheetie’s former band Cherry Valance, knows the heat them dueling North Carolina guitars bring. They make melodic, progressive 1970s rock sound so fucking immediate. Obviously then, being “progressive,” BoA do have some serious chops. But their songs are written so clearly, even when piling years of rock history on all at once—which they do—the music doesn’t get bogged down by thickheaded rock cliché. Honestly, it’s kinda shocking how smart they are, and it makes those twentysomething long-hair, bearded “bros” attempting to pull off the same seem so silly. Hmmm, now what’s the average age of a Raconteur?

The Raconteurs - “Salute Your Solution”

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I like Sunrise. Very cool.

The other two are ok ...

Posted by Will in Musical Seattle | April 21, 2008 10:39 PM

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