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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tonight in Music: Simian Mobile Disco, Brotherhood of the Drum, Club Pop with BARR

posted by on April 24 at 11:15 AM

In this week’s Bug in the Bassin, Donte Parks tells you why you should not miss Simian Mobile Disco tonight at Neumo’s:

Simian Mobile Disco - “It’s the Beat”
Seemingly taking a cue from both camps, Simian Mobile Disco’s live setup strikes a balance between spectacle and practical, placing the duo onstage around a circular table with a laptop, MIDI controller, drum machine, and synths, surrounded by a series of upright “intelligent” LED towers for the synchronized “ooh shiny” effect. The table contains an entire studio in compact form, giving the duo freedom to reconstruct their tracks on the fly, with enough inherent variability in their analog gear that it will never sound (or look) exactly the same way twice. It’s the full realization of the term “mobile disco,” appealing to gear heads as well as those who demand showmanship in a live performance.
BARR - “The B-Side is Silent”

And in this week’s Underage, Casey Catherwood talks to BARR’s Brendan Fowler:

The guy simply holds nothing back. In a recent conversation, he was candid about a recent point of controversy in his life. BARR was asked to play a couple of shows with the bands AIDS Wolf and Jay Reatard, but Fowler simply couldn’t roll with those band names.

“It would be like calling your band Jay Faggot,” he says. “No one would let you call it that, but you can get away with calling it Jay Reatard.” He canceled his performances at both concerts and put together an art show to challenge artists with inappropriate monikers and call for social accountability. It is currently hanging at Rivington Arms, a contemporary art gallery in New York. “I’m not coming at them from any sort of personal thing, but those band names are just supposed to stress you out,” he says.

BARR headlines tonight’s Club Pop at Chop Suey.

And finally, last week’s installment of The Score highlighted some of the best of this year’s Jazz Festival, including tonight’s Brotherhood of the Drum performance:

Brotherhood of the Drum (Wed April 23 and Thurs April 24, 8 pm) showcases a singular species in music, the drummer-led band: Michael Shrieve, Byron Vannoy, D’Vonne Lewis, and Ben Smith, as well as festival honchos Matt Jorgensen and John Bishop present their various ensembles.

There’s plenty more, check out our online calendar for everything else happening around town.

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